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• 11/14/2014

Damage VS Swiftness?

So, What would be better? Damage or swiftness? I mean for the marksman wouldn't it be better for swiftness to be increased because of his multiple arrows (Which double, triples, and then even quadtriples the amount of damage done, plus the speed=massive damage??) I mean wouldn't it be better to do like 400 damage (If you base strength is 40) by having your swiftness at ten instead? Im really wondering about this sometimes, Though I feel like I have it locked down.

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• 2/27/2015

"Each point added to Swiftness increases attack speed by ~0.015 at the early stages. Every consecutive point allocated to the Swiftness attribute increases the Heros attack speed by a higher value. Therefore investing points into this stat starts to be beneficial for your dps at higher stages while flat damage from Strength has a higher effect on your dps early on. But since the main damage your Hero deals usually comes from his skills which scale with your flat damage it's more beneficial to increase the Strength Attribute in the first place after all to accomplish success."

I guess that in the marksman case the best way to lvl would be  the following: until you are lvl ~15 would be to lvl fully dmg, then until you are lvl ~25 to allocate 1 dmg and 1 spd and then to fully allocate speed.

• 6/25/2015

For myself, I put in about as much, sometimes I do more into strenght because there's no cap.

With the necromancer theres a cap at 10 A/s.

So personally, I'd put a little more into strenght.

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