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This is a list of all the downloadable content available for Hero Siege. It can be purchased on the steam store page for Hero Siege. Downloadable content adds things like Enemies, Bosses, classes, acts, Relics, Dungeons, Achievements, Quests and Cosmetics to your game.

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List of Downloadable Content Edit

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Supporter Cosmetics Edit

Disclaimer: "Please understand that this is just a way of donating money to us. Our small studio needs help surviving in this economy. Developing Hero Siege takes a lot of time, effort and sleepless nights. Buy us some Energy Drinks and help us with server costs so we can keep on supporting this great game! If you really want to support our hard work, then please feel free to get the pack!"
  • Death Lord Necromancer (Fuel your necromancer with the flames of agony! This skin brings your necromancer unique ability graphics and appearance!)
  • Dark Mage (This skin alters the projectiles and spells with dark magic instead of white magic!)
  • Maniac Viking (Ever wanted to use a huge sledgehammer to destroy your foes while having a maniac murderer mask on your face? Well now its possible!)
  • Nethermancer (The new Supporter skin for Pyromancer is here!)
  • Zombie Hunter Marksman (You will look like a bad-ass apocalyptic zombie hunter with a crossbow and exclusive arrow skins!)
  • Doom Bringer Paladin (You look totally cool and have lava trails coming out of you and you have a sweet molten sword that leaves a trail of lava behind it!)
  • Maniac Gunner Pirate (This skin brings your Pirate unique ability graphics and appearance! All new and original voice acting by Ashley Marku)