Initially, the Demonspawn is locked. To unlock him, you must beat Mevius in Act 7. While the Demonspawn may seem weak at first, his power grows exponentially and can easily rival the most powerful classes in Hero Siege. One thing to note, as he has wings, he's always able to fly even without Relics.

He specializes in AOE Burst Damage as well as having high utility with Mana, whether it be faster regeneration for him and his friends, or putting up a Manashield to soak up incoming damage. His most powerful skill is Manacalypse, which consumes all of his energy in one powerful burst to nuke all enemies on screen.

Base stats Edit

  • Damage: 32-40
    • Each point adds
  • Max Mana: 508
    • Each point adds
  • Damage Reduction: 0.98%
    • Each point adds
  • Health: 500
    • Each point adds

Skills Edit

Level 1 Edit

  • Gut Spread: Every 10th attack Demonspawn releases blood bolts around him.
  • Impale: The Demonspawn unleashes furious spikes from the ground around him, damaging and smashing enemies in air.

Level 12 Edit

  • Blood Surge: The Demonspawn unleashes a huge blood surge into direction faced.
  • Manapool: Increases Demonspawn and Party mana regeneration rate.

Level 24 Edit

  • Demonic Presence: The Demonic Presence increases all spell damage done by the Demonspawn.

Level 36 Edit

  • Manashield: Manashield soaks damage as mana instead of HP.
  • Mana Devour: Demonspawn's attacks have a chance to retrieve 0.1% mana from damage.
  • Blood Demons: Demonspawn summons small blood demons that orbit around him damaging enemies.

Level 48 Edit

  • Manacalypse: Demonspawn unleashes all of his mana, dealing damage according to it.

Synergies Edit

  • Blood Surgery : Blood Surge is now wider, ticks more frequently and deals 3x its damage.
  • Manacalyption : Manacalypse cooldown is lowered and multiplier is doubled.
  • Impalator : Increases Impale's area of effect and deals 3x its damage.