Skills and Skill Trees Edit


Sharpshooter Edit

Skill 1: Critical Attack

Skill 1-1

: Gives Shardshooter's attacks a chance to deal a critical strike, dealing additional critical damage.
Proc Chance: 22%

Skill 2: Disengage

Skill 2-1

: The Sharpshooter jumps backwards shooting projectiles behind him.
Synergy: Strength

Skill 3: Multishot

Skill 3-1

: Increases damage per projectile and grants an additional projectiles.

Skill 4: Arrow Rampage

Skill 4-1

: Summons a rampage of ballistic arrows to vaporize the Sharpshooter's foes.
Synergy: Strength

Skill 5: Arrow Rain

Skill 5-1

: Launch a large volley of arrows that hail down onto enemies dealing damage and slowing them if struck.
Synergy: Strength

Skill 6: Armor Piercing Rounds

Skill 6-1

: Chance on attack to shoot a round that breaks enemies armor and pierces through them.
Proc Chance: 25%

Skill 7: Agility

Skill 7-1

: Agility gives the sharpshooter a chance to boost damage and movement speed on attack.
Proc Chance: 25%

Skill 8: Ballistics

Skill 8-1

: Makes your Arrow Rain now deal AOE explosions but no longer slow enemies.

Skill 9: Volatile Shot

Skill 9-1

: Launch a highly explosive armor piercing round at the target, dealing heavy AOE damage and exploding into cluster bombs around the enemy.
Synergy: Strength

Engineer Edit

Skill 1: Explosives Technician

Skill 10-1

: Gives Engineer's attacks a chance to throw a grenade. At higher levels he launches a homing rocket.
Proc Chance: 22% | Synergy: Strength

Skill 2: Multishot Turret

Skill 11-1

: Builds a Multishot Turret which attacks nearby enemies and decays over time.
Synergy: Strength

Skill 3: Landmine

Skill 12-1

: Lays down a Landmine which will explode when coming in contact with an enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.
Synergy: Strength

Skill 4: Territorial Offense

Skill 13-1

: Your turrets summon a temporary zone which you and your allies gain increased attack speed, damage and health regeneration.


Skill 5: Master Mechanic

Skill 14-1

: Temporarily boost the damage and attack speed of your Multishot Turrets, and increases the damage done by Landmine
Duration: 4 seconds

Skill 6: Cluster Bombs

Skill 15-1

: Chance on attack to throw out Cluster Bombs dealing heavy AOE damage.
Proc Chance: 15% | Synergy: Strength

Skill 7: Safe Space

Skill 16-1

: The engineer and his turrets deal more damage the farther they are from an enemy.


Skill 8: Rocket Turrets

Skill 17-1

: Adds rocket launchers to your Multishot Turrets causing them to deal additional exploding AOE damage to targets.

Skill 9: Gunner Drones

Skill 18-0

: Spawns Gunner Drones to unleash fire upon your enemies. These drones will follow you around.
Duration: 35 seconds | Synergy: Strength

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