Skills and Skill Trees Edit

Nomad skill tree

Wanderer: Edit

Skill 1: Eye of Ra

Skill 1-2

: Gives a chance to summon rays of sunlight damaging random enemies nearby.

Skill 2: Sun Ray

Skill 2-2

: Shoot a searing beam of sunlight at the target dealing heavy damage. Consecutive hits increase damage.

Skill 3: Sand Tremors

Skill 3-2

: Wanderer calls sand tremors from the ground, damaging and slowing enemies.

Skill 4: Wind & Sand

Skill 4-2

: Wanderer's attacks have a chance of spawning tiny tornadoes.

Skill 5: Wind Armor

Skill 5-2

: You now have Wind Armor, increasing your dodge chance and movement speed.

Skill 6: Dissipate

Skill 6-2

: Gives wanderer's attack a chance to fling sand into enemies eyes damaging them.

Skill 7: Demolishing Tornado

Skill 7-2

: Spawns 4 tornadoes in a pattern swiping out in a spiral from the Wanderer doing damage and slowing enemies.

Skill 8: Sand Entombment

Skill 8-2

: Increases Sand Tremors AOE and tick frequency.

Skill 9: Sandstorm

Skill 9-2

: The Wanderer conjures up a very large sandstorm, dealing damage to all enemies on the screen.

Vagabond: Edit

Skill 1: Desert Endurance

Skill 10-2

: Every 5 seconds enhances the Vagabond's sword with scimitars doing extra damage and stunning enemies. Also increases dodge chance.

Skill 2: Flying Scimitar

Skill 11-2

: The Vagabond throws a flying scimitar damaging and stunning enemies impaccted.

Skill 3: Traveler

Skill 12-2

: The Vagabond increases his movement speed if he hasn't been in combat for 5 seconds.

Skill 4: Rupture

Skill 13-2

: Chance on attack or ability to wound the enemy causing bleeding and slow.

Skill 5: Body Double

Skill 14-2

: Chance on attack to create a stationary body double of your self for 3 seconds. The body double will mimic your abilities and attacks.

Skill 6: Wind Slash

Skill 15-2

: Unleash a massive wind slash which pierces through enemies.

Skill 7: Vanish

Skill 16-2

: Vanishes the vagabond from sight, damaging enemies around.

Skill 8: Phantom Blades

Skill 17-2

: Reduces the size of flying scimitar by half slows its projectile speed, but now throwing 3 of them with increased damage.

Skill 9: Wind Blades

Skill 18-1

: Vagabond conjures up powerful wind blades to cut enemies down dealing more damage the farther away the enemy is.

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