Gunner Edit

Skill 1: Explosive Barrels

Skill 1-1596478350

: You have a chance to spawn a explosive barrel between you and the closest enemy.

Skill 2: Buckshot

Skill 2-1596478364

: The Gunner shoots multiple bullets in the direction she is facing.

Skill 3: Bomb Barrage

Skill 3-1596478375

: The Gunner throws three patterns of bombs around her.

Skill 4: Cannonball

Skill 4-1596478391

: The Gunner has a chance to shoot a cannonball in addition of her regular attack.

Skill 5: Grenado

Skill 5

: The Gunner has a chance to shoot a cannonball in addition of her regular attack.

Skill 6: Powder Trail

Skill 6 new

: The Gunner throws down a trail of gunpowder that can be ignited by attacks and abilities.

Skill 7: Explosive Bullets

Skill 7

: Gunners bullets have a chance of exploding on contact.

Skill 8: Knee Cap

Skill 8 Pirate

: The Gunners attacks have a chance to maim the target slowing its movement speed drastically.

Skill 9: Rapid Fire

Skill 9 Pirate

: Boosts the Pirates weapons for a short time increasing attack speed.

Plunderer Edit

Skill 1: Freezing Chain Shot

Skill 10 Pirate

: The Plunderer has a chance to launch a pair of frozen lead balls at the target, slowing its movement speed.

Skill 2: Torrent

Skill 11 Pirate

: Unleash multiple giant balls of water that knocks nerby enemies in the air by water torrents.

Skill 3: Set Sail

Skill 12 Pirate

: The Plunderers attacks and abilities have a chance to increase her movement and attack speed.

Skill 4: Parrot

Skill 13 Pirate

: The Plunderer calls for her Parrot to fight for her, damaging nearby enemies with its pecker.

Skill 5: Anchor Swing

Skill 14 Pirate

: The Plunderer swings an anchor around her damaging and stunning enemies in its way.

Skill 6: Remiges

Skill 15 Pirate

: Increases Parrots damage and attack speed.

Skill 7: Frozen Lead

Skill 16 Pirate

: The Plunderer has a chance to empower herself causing her rounds to deal additional cold damage and apply chill to targets.

Skill 8: Treasure Hunter

Skill 17 Pirate

: Increases Plunderers and her party members Magic Find.

Skill 9: Land Ahoy!

Skill 18 Pirate

: The Plunderer marks all nearby targets, and launches cannonfire upon them.


Trivia Edit

"Shiver me timbers"

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