Potions are items that you can find while playing. The effects of Potions are random and can be positive or negative. The contents of a Potion are unknown until first use. After using an unidentified potion for first time the effects are learned. All subsequent Potions picked up of the same type will display their effect. This only lasts for current run. After death, or logging out, Potion names will be reset. Potions that boost attributes last until death or logging out. Temporary boosts only last for a few seconds. Potions may be purchased from the Treasure Fort, found in chests, or dropped by monsters. Potions can be lifesaving or they can kill you. Keep in mind that if you pick one up you will be immobile for a short period of time. Within this state monsters cannot damage you but you can be surrounded.

Positive EffectsEdit

Negative Effects Edit

  • Flies? ARGGH! (Flies spawn around your character and attack you)
  • Toxic Gas (Damages you by 90% of your total health)
  • Strength Decreased! (-5 Strength)
  • Energy Decreased! (-5 Energy)
  • Armor Decreased! (-5 Armor)
  • Health Decreased! (-5 Stamina)
  • Speed Decreased! (- 5 Movement Speed)