Skills and Skill Trees Edit

Pyro skill tree

Flame Diviner Edit

Skill 1: Meteor

Skill 1-0
The Flame Diviner has a chance to launch a huge meteor on attack.

Proc Chance: 22% | Synergy: Energy

Skill 2: Comet

Skill 2-0
The Flame Diviner calls down a comet to destroy his enemies

Synergy: Energy

Skill 3: Blazing Trail

Skill 3-0
Gives Flame Diviner's projectiles a chance to leave behind a blazing trail that damages and slows enemies.

Proc Chance: 20% | Synergy: Energy

Skill 4: Flame Shield

Skill 4-0
The Flame Diviner surrounds himself in flames, temporarily increases his health and maximum resistances. Enemies that come into contact are damaged. Duration: 4 seconds

Skill 5: Pyrokinetic Disorder

Skill 5-0
Create a large fire aura around the Flame Diviner and his allies, infecting fire damage on enemies in its range.

Syngery: Energy

Skill 6: Splitfire

Skill 6
Gives the Flame Diviner a chance to shoot multiple projectiles instead of one.

Proc Chance: 25%

Skill 7: Armageddon

Skill 7-0
Calls down a rain of meteors, striking enemies around the Flame Diviner.

Synergy: Energy

Skill 8: Pandemonium of Flames

Skill 8-0
Pyrokinertic Disorder now also lowers enemy fire resistance. 

Base Percentage: 5%

Skill 9: Calamity

Skill 9-0
Incite destruction into the Flame Diviner temporarily causing every attack to cast Comet and Meteor.

Base Percentage: 5%

Arsonist: Edit

Skill 1: Fireflies

Skill 10-0
When an enemy dies from the Arsonist's projectiles an orbiting Firefly is summoned charging into nearby enemies.

Synergy: Energy

Skill 2: Fireswarm

Skill 11-0
Casts a swarm of fireballs in front of the arsonist

Synergy: Energy 

Skill 3: Fire Nova

Skill 12-0
Casts a nova of fire impacting all enemies around the Arsonist.

Synergy: Energy

Skill 4: Burning

Skill 13-0
Chance on attack and ability cast to apply burn to the target dealing heavy damage over time.

Proc Chance: 25% | Base Percentage: 5%

Skill 5: Extended Flames

Skill 14-0
Increases the AOE range and damage of Fire Nove.

Base Percentage: 5%

Skill 6: Third-Degree Burns

Skill 15-0
Targets inflicted with burning now have reduced fire resistance and slows the target.

Skill 7: Hydra

Skill 16-0
Summons a fiery Hydra to fight for the Arsonist.

Synergy: Energy

Skill 8: Chaos Induction

Skill 17-0
Enchances all Arsonist's spells with poison damage.

Base Percentage: 5%

Skill 9: Inferno

Skill 18
Calls a large wall of fire to clear the field. Regenerates a new charge every 10 seconds.
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