The Pyromancer is a long ranged class that uses fire to defeat his enemies. 

Base Stats Edit

Pyro stats

Pyromancer stats

  • Damage: 20-25
    • Each point adds 3.2 damage to min and 4 to max.
  • Mana: 258
    • Each point adds 8 mana.
  • Damage Reduction: 0.30%
    • Each point adds 0.30% reduction.
  • Health: 400
    • Each point adds 36 health.

Skills Edit

Level 1 Edit

Pyro skills

Pyromancer Skill Tree

  • Meteor: The Pyromancer has a chance to shoot a huge meteor instead of a Normal Projectile.Proc%=6%+1% per level; DMG=Skill level*[50+Energy value]{}
  • Fireswarm: Casts a swarm of fireballs into the direction faced. DMG=60+Skill level*[30+Energy value]. Base mana cost - 57 mana.{}

Level 12 Edit

  • Blazing Trail: Gives Pyromancer's shots a chance to leave behind blazing trails. Does not scale.
  • Fire Nova: Casts a Fire Nova impacting all units around the Pyromancer. Scales with Energy, 0.5 damage per Energy point. Base mana cost - 214 mana.

Level 24 Edit

  • Splitfire: Gives the Pyromancer a chance to shoot multiple fireballs instead of one. Does not scale.

Level 36 Edit

  • Armageddon: Calls down a rain of meteors around the Pyromancer. Scales with Energy, 0.5 damage per Energy point. Base mana cost - 426 mana.
  • Hydra: Summons a Fiery Hydra to fight for the Pyromancer. Scales with Energy, 0.5 damage per Energy point. Base mana cost - 638 mana.
  • Fireflies: When an enemy dies, a Firefly is summoned to orbit around the Pyromancer, charging into nearby enemies. Scales with Strength, +0.5 damage per Strength point.

Level 48: Edit

  • Apocalypse: Dead enemies have a chance to explode and deal damage in the area around. Scales with Energy, 0.5 damage per Energy point.

Synergies Edit

  • Hydrality : Spawns 2 hydras instead of 1 and the hydra projectiles leave a blazing trail.
  • The Armageddon : Armageddon does 5x damage with a bigger area of effect.
  • Meteor Master : Meteors deal 3x damage and are bigger.

Strategy Edit

The Pyromancer is a very strong Energy-oriented character. The only skills you'll need until level 24 are meteor, fireswarm, and fire nova. Start off by adding one point into each because you'll need nova to own everything around you and fireswarm to take out a line of tough enemies or hit a boss hard. After that use your own instincts on how much to put into what. These 3 skills are going to be your bread and butter. Meteor will wreck everything so get it to a decent percentage asap. These skills also scale with Energy. The only stats you need to worry about are Energy and Stamina. Everything else will be gained with equips/potions. You should be dodging mostly everything anyways. Keep your distance and make all of your enemies suffer.

Trivia Edit


  • "All is dust."
  • "Is that hot enough?"
  • "The flames are intriguing."
  • "My flames burn for an eternity."
  • "You will all suffer."
  • "Are you losing it, I am not."
  • "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
  • "Everyone burns a little differently."