Skills and Skill Trees Edit

Redneck tree

Hillbilly Edit

Skill 1: Napalm Spill

Skill 1-3

: Gives Hillbilly's attacks a chance to spill burning oil.

Skill 2: Moonshine Molotov

Skill 2-3

: Throws a Moonshine Molotov which explodes into burning oil applying burning to enemies.

Skill 3: Pipe Bombs

Skill 3-3

: The Hillbilly uses his homemade Pipe Bombs and lobs three of three of them dealing AOE damage.

Skill 4: Tire Fire

Skill 4-3

: Gives Hillbilly's attack a chance to launch a truck tire.

Skill 5: Spontaneous Combustion

Skill 5-3

: Gives a chance for all attack and abilities to inflict the enemy with burning.

Skill 6: Hillbilly Rage

Skill 6-3

: The Hillbilly enters a rage making all of his attack procs have increased proc rate. (works only on hillbilly procs).

Skill 7: Moonshine Madness

Skill 7-3

: Chance to sip some moonshine and increase MS & AS.

Skill 8: Combustible Oil

Skill 8-3

: Increases Hillbilly's damage on abilities and attacks.

Skill 9: Pickup Raid

Skill 9-3

: Call for the Hillbilly's Pickup Truck to raid he enemies.

Logger Edit

Skill 1: Stomp

Skill 10-3

: Gives Logger's attacks a chance to stomp the ground stunning nearby enemies.

Skill 2: Bear Trap

Skill 11-3

: The Logger lays down multiple Bear Traps which will immobilize and damage enemies.

Skill 3: Chainsaw Massacre

Skill 12-3

: The Logger starts spinning his chainsaw damaging and slowing all enemies around him.

Skill 4: Durable Wear

Skill 13-3

: Increases stamina and has a chance to increase your armor and movement speed on attack.

Skill 5: Revved Up

Skill 14-3

: The Logger revs up his chainsaw engine, increasing his attack speed temporarily.

Skill 6: Experienced Logger

Skill 15-3

: The Logger focuses on his years of logging and knows how to target weak points. Chance on attack to decrease enemy armor.

Skill 7: Chainsaw Mastery

Skill 16-3

: Using a one-handed chainsaw increases your attack speed. Using a two-handed chainsaw increases your ability damage.

Skill 8: Loggers Endurance

Skill 17-3

: Chance on attack to give the Logger a shield.

Skill 9: Firebreak

Skill 18-2

: Deal two large slashes dealing heavy damage and stunning enemies.

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