The Redneck is a playable character in hero siege that uses a chainsaw to turn enemies to pieces and some other tricks.

Base Stats Edit

Redneck Attributes

Redneck Attributes.

  • Damage: 30
    • Each point adds .50
  • Attack Speed: 2.01
    • Every 2 points adds .01
  • Damage Reduction: 0.20%
    • Each point adds .20
  • Health: 400
    • Each point adds 20

Skills Edit

Level 1 Edit

Redneck Skill Tree

Redneck Skill Tree

  • Napalm Spill:   Gives your attacks a chance to spill burning oil.
  • Moonshine Molotov:   Throws a molotov cocktail in the direction faced.

Level 12 Edit

  • Tire Fire: Gives your attack a chance to launch a burning truck tire.
  • Chainsaw Massacre: Start spinning and damaging all enemies around you.

Level 24 Edit

  • Bear Trap: Lays down a bear trap that immobilizes and damages struck enemies.

Level 36 Edit

  • Pickup Raid: Call for your hillbilly friends to come raid your enemy.
  • Stomp: Has a chance to stomp the ground stunning nearby enemies.
  • Redneck Roughness: Increase health gained from health globes.

Level 48 Edit

  • Moonshine Madness: Chance to sip some moonshine and increase Movement Speed and Attack Speed.

Synergies Edit

  • Wheels of Doom : 3x Damage on Tire Fire.
  • Double Raid : 2 trucks in Pickup Raid.
  • Giant Spin : 3x Damage on Chainsaw Massacre + 2x the area of effect

Strategy Edit

Strategy nr 1: Edit

A good strategy is to put a bunch of points on Tire Fire, so you get better odds at sending out a flaming tire that can pretty much go through anything, like buildings and walls. The rest of your points you can put to Stomp and Moonshine Madness. Stomp comes in handy when a lot of enemies are hoarding you and Moonshine Madness is a good bonus to movement speed and attack speed every so often.

For Attributes Stamina and attack speed would be a good place to start. Stamina so you have a good amount of health at the start of the game and attack speed so you attack move and have more of a chance to cast Tire Fire.

Strategy nr 2: Edit

If you want to play more meele put skill points on Chainsaw Massacre that will give you big dmg when spinning, other skills to max are Stomp and Moonshine Madness too. Stomp can help you to kill more enemies without getting damage and Moonshine Madness will help you to evade enemies attacks and get easier close to monsters and kill they with spinning or normal attacks.

For Attributes Stamina to keep yourself alive and Damage, cause each point is giving nice bonus to Chainsaw Massacre(+10 dmg each point) and damage up normal attacks.

Trivia Edit


"Chainsaw goes in, guts come out."

"Are you having fun yet!?"

"Have a nice day!"