Relics are special items that the player can obtain through various means, such as from bosses, chests, dungeons and through random encounters in levels. They serve as a way to add more variation to your gameplay by providing you with additional effects or abilities. You can only have one active relic (a relic with an ability that you use by pressing the bound key) active at a time - you can however have up to 30 other passive relics. All relics are removed from your character upon death.

Obtaining Relics

Relics can be obtained in a lot of different ways and it's possible to find the most efficient way of farming them in just a couple of hours. Below follows how you can obtain them (in no particular order).


900 Ruby Chest

This chest can be purchased for 900 gems in any of the towns. You will more than often get 2 relics from this chest.

Purple Chest

The rarest chest that also holds the best rewards for the player, that can sometimes be found at the end of certain dungeons, has a relatively high chance of giving you a relic.

Crystal Chest

The second rarest chest in the game that can be unlocked using Crystal Keys, which can be purchased from the Blacksmith or found randomly in the world. It's likely you will get a relic from it, although it's not too common.

Golden Chest

The third rarest chest does not have any significant chance of giving you a relic, but with some luck you can find one. It can be opened with a silver key which can be bought from the Blacksmith or be found randomly in the world.

Normal Chest

It's not likely to get a relic from the regular brown chests, but it is possible.

Blacksmith/Mining Vendor

Torstein Néel in Inoya sells a random relic at the cost of 25 copper ore per.


After defeating any boss, mini-boss, regular boss, act boss or wormhole boss, you have a high chance of dropping a relic.


At the end of dungeons, or in specific places of them, it's possible to find a relic. It's also possible to get them from mini-bosses in dungeons.


Sometimes you can find relics in the world locked behind gates you unlock with keys or in floating islands that you have to jump across or fly to.


NPCs will reward you with a random chest upon quest completion, and this chest also has a chance to give you a relic. They can also give you a relic without the chest.

List of Relics


These relics orbits around the player in a circle, usually damaging enemies that come too close to the player, or provide defensive effects such as projectile block.

Demon sheep
Demon Sheep Damages enemies in contact

Used with Jefre's Subscription to open Sheeponia

F.E.T.U.S. Damages enemies in contact
Guardian angel
Guardian Angel Damages and pushes enemies in contact
Shredder Damages enemies in contact
Templar shield
Templar Shield Damages enemies in contact and blocks projectiles


Follows the player and attacks enemies.

The almighty fedora
Almighty Fedora Shoots projectiles at enemies
Ancient rock
Ancient Rock Shoots projectiles at enemies
Honey bee
Honeybee Shoots puddles of honey on ground that damage enemies
Karp head
Karp Head Shoots projectiles at enemies
Minisect Shoots out projectiles in 4 directions damaging enemies
Pickled brain
Pickled Brain Summons a zombie to attack enemies
Shrunken head
Shrunken Head Shoots projectiles at enemies and poisons them
Skull Bat Shoots projectiles at enemies
The eye
The Eye Shoots projectiles at enemies
War zeppelin
War Zeppelin Shoots projectiles at enemies


You can only have one active relic active at a time, and you will see it under your health/mana bar. What active relics does varies a lot, some of them stun the entire screen while other will deal minor damage to enemies. Each active relic also has its own unique cooldown.

1000 kg
1000 KG Throws around 1000 KG weights
Aarons staff
Aaron's Staff Heals player for 25% of health
Angel staff of apocalypse
Angel Staff of Apocalypse Spawns nearby explosions that damage enemies
Apple Head Launches a huge apple in air shooting around projectiles upon impact with ground
Balalayka Stuns enemies around the player after a few seconds
Bomb Sets a bomb that will explode when triggered by an enemy
Book of belial
Book of Belial Increases player damage by 25%
Boomerang Throws a Boomerang that damages all enemies it touches, and then comes back
Bouncy Sends out a spike ball that damages enemies in its path
Candy crusher
Candy Crusher Throws around explosive candy that damage nearby enemies
Casino dice
Casino Die Drops a dice on the player's location dealing damage to enemies nearby
Da Box Releases a bunch of random items
Darts Shoots out a ring of darts from the player
Delicious pie
Delicious Pie Drops a slice of pie that taunts all nearby enemies
Dislocated eye
Dislocated Eye Slows all enemies on screen
Double scythe
Doube Scythe Throws a double scythe dealing damage to enemies in a line
Dragons head
Dragon Head Shoot out flames for 3.5 seconds
Es energy
ES Energy Temporarily increases Energy by 15%
Fly swatter
Flyswatter Spawns flies that do nothing. Troll relic
Jar of flies
Jar of Flies Spawns a swarm of flies around the player
Keygen exe
Keygen.exe Summons fake BSoD, stunning everything
Light cola
Light Cola Makes the player throw up for a few seconds
Maryos pipe
Maryo's Pipe Warps the player in few meters to the cursor position
Meat hook
Meat Hook Hooks nearby enemy to the player and stuns them
Ninja hook
Ninja Hook Grapples nearby enemies to the player
Orb of chaos
Orb of Chaos Damages nearby enemies once
Orb of fire
Orb of Fire Spawns a hydra for 10 seconds
Orb of ice
Orb of Ice Sends out a circle of ice damaging and slowing enemies
Orb of poison
Orb of Poison Sends out a circle of poison damaging enemies it hits over time
Rainbow gate
Rainbow Gate Shoot a rainbow beam that deals damage to enemies in a line
Rocket barrage
Rocket Barrage Shoots out 7 homing rockets to damage enemies
Rotten apple
Rotten Apple Morphs nearby enemies into apple heads
Rubber duck
Rubber Duck Throws a duck that explodes damaging nearby enemies
Satans horn
Satan's Horn Damages and stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds
Satans tooth
Satan's Tooth Sets nearby enemies on fire damaging them over 3.5 seconds
Shade of death
Shade of Death Stuns and damages all enemies near you
Shiv Throws multiple shivs in the direction faced on use
Squishy the suicidal pig
Squishy the Suicidal Pig Summon Squishy to run to the nearest enemy and kaboom
Stickman steve
Stickman Steve Summons the legendary Stickman Steve that knocks enemies back and deals damage
Sun flare
Sun Flare Spawns sun rays nearby that damage enemies
Vadjra Shoots a thunder spear that damages, pierces, and pushes enemies
Winners drug
Winner's Drug

Insreases strenght by 10% for 5 seconds

A wizards hat
Wizard Hat Restores mana on use

On Hit (Proc)/Passive

These relics will trigger together with your basic attacks, just like abilities with a certain proc chance. Each relic has it's own formula for cooldown, proc and damage.

The amputation kit
Amputation Kit Enables Flight
Assassins shuriken
Assassin's Shuriken 10% Chance on attack to throw a piercing shuriken to the nearest enemy
Barbed shield
Barbed Shield Chance on getting attacked to damage the attacker
Basilisks tooth
Basilisk Tooth 1% Chance on hit to petrify and damage the enemy
Bracer of life
Bracer of Life "Health regen."

specific value currently unknown, used to be 3%

Cactus Spawns a small cactus below the nearest enemy, damaging and slowing them
Charmed Blood-0
Charmed Blood "Lifesteal!"

Adds a 10% chance to heal 2% max Hp on hit.

Daddys key chain
Daddy's Key Chain Spawns a few regular and crystal keys.  Activates on pickup
Devil horn
Devil Horn While below 10% health, damage is increased by 100%
Devil Skull
Devil Skull Shoots out projectiles every few seconds, damaging enemies
Dragon shield
Dragon Shield Chance on getting attacked to spawn a meteor, damaging enemies in a line
Fire and ice
Fire & Ice Chance on hit to burn or freeze the enemy
Fortune card
Fortune Card Spawns a random event.  Activates on pickup
Frozen orb
Frozen Orb 18% Chance on hit to freeze the enemy for 2 seconds
Hand of midas
Hand of Midas Increased gold drops
Helm of chaos
Helm of Chaos Falling below 5% health activates a shockwave, damaging and pushing back enemies
Homing shots
Homing Shots Player projectiles home into enemies
Horned mask
Horned Mask Demon statues give positive buffs only
Jungle vial
Jungle Vial 20% Chance on attack to poison a nearby enemy
Lantern Chance on getting attacked to heal player by 10%
Lottery ticket
Lotto Ticket Gives +2500 Gold on pickup
Magnet Increases pickup range of gold, keys, and rubies
Mana dices
Mana Dice Chance on hit to restore some mana
Metal detector
Metal Detector Tracks local Ore veins and increases Jade chance
The mighty sushi
Mighty Sushi 5% Chance on attack to throw out explosive sushi, damaging enemies
Necromancers finger
Necro's Finger 5% Chance on attack to spawn a soul that seeks out and damages an enemy
Odins sword
Odin's Sword Chance on hit to set the ground on fire
Oversized Increases player projectile & ability size
Plague pendant
Plague Pendant 20% Chance on getting attacked to poison the attacker
Poison spear
Poison Spear 20% Chance on hit to poison the enemy, damaging them over time
Razer headset
Razer Headset Pulses area around player damaging enemies
Razor leaf
Razor Leaf 5% Chance on attack to send out razor leaves damaging enemies
Razorwire 12% Chance on hit to bleed enemy over time
Rice and chopsticks
Rice & Chopsticks 5% Chance on attack to disarm the enemy
Rocket battery
Rocket Battery 5% Chance on attack to fire a homing missile at nearby enemy
Shattered katana
Shattered Katana 3% Chance on attack to spawn tornados damaging nearby enemies
The skeleton key
Skeleton Key Gives player 99 keys
Small spikey
Small Spikey 5% Chance on attack to spawn orbital balls damaging enemies in contact
Spectral arrow
Spectral Arrow Allows ranged auto attack projectiles to go through structures and terrain
Stigmata Dropping below 5% health will boost health regen significantly
The sun
The Sun 5% Chance on attack to call down a sunray, damaging the nearest enemy
Titans gladius
Titan's Gladius 1% Chance on hit to instakill the enemy (Does significant damage to bosses instead of oneshotting them)
Twin blade
Twinblade 5% Chance on hit to make the next attack a critical strike for 75% more damage
Witch claw
Witch Claw 5% Chance on hit to turn the enemy into an apple head, stunning for 3 seconds
Zombies face
Zombie's Face Passively slows nearby enemies

Stat/Passive Modifiers

These relics will increase one or more stats on your character as long as you're alive. It can be everything from energy to all talents.

Amazons spear
Amazon Spear +15 Speed +2% Attack Speed
Blazing boots
Blazing Boots +5 Speed

Player leaves behind a trail of fire that damages enemies

Bonsai tree
Bonsai Tree +1% All Stats
Butcher's Knife
Butcher Knife +1% Strength +5 Speed

5% Chance on attack to shoot a blood shockwave dealing damage to enemies in a line

Butterfly knife
Butterfly Knife +2% Attack Speed

5% Chance on hit to make the next attack a critical strike for 75% more damage.

Cake +3% Stamina
Cheese burger
Cheeseburger +4% Stamina
Commander's Sword
Commander's Sword +2% Attack Speed +5% Strength
Cookies and milk
Cookies & Milk +2% Stamina
Damiens Amulet
Damien's Amulet +8% Strength
Damned Buckler
Damned Buckler +3% Armor
Daplayers dislocated head
DaPlayer Head +3% Strength

3% Chance on enemy death to spawn flies that damage enemies

Deaths scythe
Death's Scythe +2% Strength

20% Chance on attack to shoot skulls from player

Dirge +3% Attack Speed +3% Strength
Doom Flute
Doom Flute +5% Attack Speed
Frostmourne +2% Energy +2% Strength

5% Chance on attack to shoot an ice shockwave damaging and freezing enemies in a line

Golden armor
Golden Armor +3% Armor
Golden axe
Golden Axe +3% Armor
Golden cube
Golden Cube 3% All Stats
Golden dagger
Golden Dagger +3% Energy
Golden ring
Golden Ring +3% Stamina
Golden sword
Golden Sword +3% Strength
Half eaten mochi
Half Eaten Mochi +3% Stamina

Increases health gained from orbs

Hand scythe
Hand Scythe +4% Attack Speed
Hellscream axe
Hellscream Axe +1% Attack Speed +4% Strength

30% Chance on hit to set enemy on fire for 5 seconds, dealing 15% total damage

The holy bible
Holy Bible +5% Stamina

Enables Flight

The holy grail
Holy Grail +2 All Talents

5% Chance on attack to smite enemies on screen

Jefres subscription
Jefre's Subscription +1% Strength +5% Stamina

Used with Demon Sheep to open Sheeponia

Large beer
Large Beer 5% chance on attack to throw up, dealing damage to enemies caught in it
Lightning Orb
Lightning Ball +1% Attack Speed +1% Strength

5% Chance on attack to throw a lightning orb to nearest enemy

Light katana
Light Katana +3% Attack Speed
Magic mushroom
Magic Mushroom +1 All Talents & Increases a Random stat
Mayos old sock
Mayo's Old Sock +1% Strength
Monkey king bard
Monkey King Bar +15 Speed

Enables Flight

Nunchucks +5% Attack Speed +2% Strength +1% Stamina
Odd book of spells
Odd Book of Spells +2% Energy
Ogre club
Ogre Club +2% Stamina

18% Chance on hit to stun the enemy

Razer blade
Razer Blade +3% Attack Speed
Rock belt
Rock Belt +10 Speed
Rusted armor
Rusted Armor +1% Armor
Rusted axe
Rusted Axe +1% Armor
Rusted cube
Rusted Cube 1% All Stats
Rusted dagger
Rusted Dagger +1% Energy
Rusted ring
Rusted Ring +1% Stamina
Rusted sword
Rusted Sword +1% Strength
Satans eye
Satan's Eye +1% Stamina +1% Strength

5% Chance on attack to send Hellfire forward, damaging enemies

Sausage +2% Stamina
Silver armor
Silver Armor +2% Armor
Silver axe
Silver Axe +2% Armor
Silver cube
Silver Cube 2% All Stats
Silver dagger
Silver Dagger +2% Energy
Silver ring
Silver Ring +2% Stamina
Silver sword
Silver Sword +2% Strength
Skull axe
Skull Axe +3% Strength
Spirit skull
Spirit Skull +2% Strength
Storm dagger
Storm Dagger +3% Attack Speed

36% Chance on hit to call down lightning, damaging the enemy

Tequila +5% Attack Speed +3% Strength
The spoon
The Spoon +1% All Stats +10 Speed
Tocken of luck
Token of Luck +50% Magic Find
Triforce +3% All Stats
Whip +5% Attack Speed
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