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General InformationEdit

Relics are Items that can be picked up from pedestals at the end of a zone or dungeon/crypt. They can be dropped by enemies, obtained by using statues, and they can be obtained by opening Chests. All kinds of Chests can hold a Relic, however the Crystal Chest has the highest chance of dropping one. It's uncommon for a Golden Chest to drop a Relic, and the normal Chest rarely ever drops one. You can only hold one Active Relic. After you die, finish the difficulty level, or restart a run, you will lose all Relics you gained.

With Patch v1.4.1.5 the relic system has been re-worked. Obtaining all relics in game is no longer possible. Now, your chances of obtaining a new relic decrease with each relic you possess. Due to this system, the singular relics are now much more powerful than before, granting more stats and damage. The rules are as follows:

  • The chance for your first relic is 70% and decreases with every relic you pick up. This means that you are technically unable to find more than 20 relics. However, you can still buy relics in Treasure Fort
  • Shopkeeper raises his price with each relic you have obtained.
    • (Shop price = 1.000gold+(n*500gold)) // n=relics picked since start

This is in order to make every run unique and as the word "RELIC" states, those need to be more exclusive.

Relic buffs also scale with difficulty where they dropped. Numbers in the overview are for Normal difficulty. Numbers in brackets are for highest difficulty Agony.

Few relics scale with difficulty and stage e.g. Holy Grail´s smite damage, Razer Blade's bonus stats and other.

Weapon Enhancing RelicsEdit

These are Relics that give your weapons extra powers.

Basilisk's Tooth
Basilisk's Tooth 2% chance to turn enemies into stone which die in one hit

Butcher's Knife +30 Strength, +10 movement speed

Chance to cast Blood Shockwave while attacking

Butterfly Knife
Butterfly Knife +15 Swiftness and a chance to do critical strikes.

Death's Scythe
Death's Scythe Gives a chance to unleash chaos skulls around the player on attack

Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice Chance to burn or freeze enemies

Frozen Orb-0
Frozen Orb Gives a chance to freeze enemies on impact

Odin's Sword
Odin's Sword 5% chance to create a small fire that damages touching enemies for 15 seconds

Ogre's Club
Ogre's Club Gives +35 Strength and a chance to stun enemies on attack

Oversized Doubles the size of projectiles

Poison Spear
Poison Spear 10% chance to poison targets

Rocket Battery
Rocket Battery Chance to launch homing missiles on attack

Spectral Arrow
Spectral Arrow Ranged Classes Only

Projectiles ignore collision with objects

Storm Dagger
Storm Dagger +20 Swiftness

Chance to smite enemies with lightning on hit

Frostmourne +9 Strength + Energy

Chance to cast Ice Shockwave

The Sun
The Sun Gives a chance to summon sun rays from the sky to burn enemies

Twin Blades
The Twin Blades +5% Critical Hit

Titan's Gladius
Titan's Gladius 1% to kill enemies with one hit, or to deal huge damage to bosses

Witch Claw
Witch Claw "Hex" spell ( chance to change enemies into motionless apples)

Amazons spear
Amazon´s spear +30 Movement speed
+50 Energy.
Exclusive for The Amazon Jungle Bundle

Passive RelicsEdit

These are Relics that improve your character's skills.

Amputation Kit-0
Amputation Kit Cuts off your legs and gives you Flight.

Ankh (of Reincarnation) If the player dies, he will reincarnate after 5 seconds with full hp and doing Odin's Fury to enemies around him.

Assassin's Shuriken Attacks have a chance to launch shurikens aimed directly at enemies. Can bypass walls.

Barbed Shield
Barbed Shield Gives a chance enemies harm themselves when attacking the player.

Blazing Boots
Blazing Boots Makes the player leave a blazing trail behind.

Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Tree +8 All Stats

Bonsai Tree Exclusive for Karp of Doom

Bracer of Life
Bracer of Life The players health regenerates at a slowly rate. Approximately 3 HP every second

Cactus Periodically spawns a cactus on the nearest enemy, dealing damage

Cake +14 Stamina

Charmed Blood
Charmed Blood Each successful hit restores a small portion of health

Cheeseburger +150 Stamina
-25 Strength

Commander's Sword
Commander's Sword +25 Swiftness
+50 Strength
-15 movement speed.

Cookies & Milk
Cookies & Milk +25 Stamina.

Daddy's key chain
Daddy's Key Chain Gives random keys on use.

Damien's Pendant
Damien's Amulet +22 Strength
-4 Armor/Energy/Stamina.

Damned Buckler
Damned Buckler +5 Armor.

Da Player's Head
DaPlayer's Head When at 5% Health, slowly restores up to 20% Health. Spawns flies that home in on enemies.

Da Player's Head exclusive for Karp of Doom

Devil Horn Gives you double damage when below 10% hp.

Devil Skull
Devil Skull Shoots 8 projectiles around from player every few seconds.

Dirge +6 Strength +15 Swiftness.

Doom Flute
Doom Flute +50 Energy.

Dragonscale Shield
Dragon Shield Every 8 attacks taken launches a huge meteor into nearest enemies.

Golden Axe-2
Golden-Axe +20 Strength +20 Armor.

Golden Battle Armor
Golden Armor +40 Armor.

Golden Cube
Golden Cube +15 to all stats.

Golden Dagger
Golden Dagger +40 Energy

Golden Ring +40 Stamina

Golden Sword
Golden Sword +40 Strength

Half Eaten Mochi
Half Eaten Mochi +9 Stamina, Increase health gained from health globes.

Hand Scythe
Hand Scythe +40 Swiftness, -10 Stamina.

Hellscream Axe
Hellscream Axe +35 Strength and Chance to set fire to enemies.

Helm of Chaos
Helm of Chaos If below 5% health player casts Odin's Fury

Homing Shots
Homing Shots Makes attacks homing.

Horned Mask
Horned Mask Demon Head statues no longer attack you.

Jefre's Subscription
Jefre's Subscription +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, +1 Speed

King's Crown
King's Crown Picking up gold gives a temporary strength boost.

Lantern Has 5% chance of healing the player when damaged.

Large Beer-0
Large Beer Gives the player a 10% chance to burp loud, and randomly toss out patches of vomit all around him. Enemies that walk through the patches slowly take damage. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Light Katana
Light Katana +125 Swiftness.

Lightning ball
Lightning Ball +45 Swiftness, +3 Strength, Gives a chance to cast a chainlightning ball.

Lottery Ticket Gives 2500 gold on pick up.

Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom Gives +30 to a random stat.

Magnet Automatically attracts all coins and keys to player.

Mayo's Old Sock
Mayo's Old Sock +2 Strength.

Monkey King Bar
Monkey King Bar Gives you Flight and increases movement speed slightly.

Necromancer's Finger
Necromancer's Finger Gives a chance to raise souls from dead bodies that home and explode into the nearest enemies.

Nunchucks +20 Swiftness, +20 Strength, -10 Stamina.

Odd Book of Spells
Odd Book of Spells +50 Strength, -25 Swiftness.

Pickled brain
Pickled Brain Summons a Zombie companion to fight for you

Plague Pendant
Plague Pendant Gives a chance to poison enemies when they attack.

Razor Headset
Razer Headset Pulses Sound Nova around the player damaging enemies.

Razer Blade
Razer Blade +40 Swiftness, +4 Strength, +4 Armor, +4 Stamina.

Razor Leaf
Razor Leaf Has a chance to throw four razor leaves that destroy enemies on their way.

Razorwire Chance to make enemies bleed on impact.

Rice & Chopsticks
Rice & Chopsticks Gives a chance to disarm enemies on attack

Rock Belt
Rock Belt +20 movement speed.

Rusted Axe
Rusted Axe +5 Armor, +5 Strength

Rusted Armor
Rusted Armor +4 Armor

Rusted Cube
Rusted Cube +10 to All Stats.

Rusted Dagger
Rusted Dagger +3 Energy

Rusted Sword
Rusted Sword +6 Strength

Rusted Ring +3 Stamina

Satan's Eye
Satan's Eye Gives a chance to do Hellfire on attack.

Shattered Katana
Shattered Katana Gives a chance to spawn 4 patterns of Tornado's on attack. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Silver Axe
Silver Axe +10 Armor, +10 Strength.

Silver Battle Armor
Silver Armor +30 Armor.

Silver Cube
Silver Cube +10 to All Stats

Silver Dagger
Silver Dagger +20 Energy

Silver Sword
Silver Sword +20 Stamina

Silver Ring
Silver Ring +20 Stamina.

Skull Axe
Skull Axe +4 Strength.

Small Spikey
Small Spikey Gives a chance to spawn small spike balls that orbit the player and deal damage.

Spirit Skull
Spirit Skull +6 Strength.

Steam Sale
Steam Sale Lowers all treasure fort prieces -50%

Stigmata When below 5% HP starts regenerating rapidly.

Tequilla!!! +55 Strength, +55 Swiftness, -15 Armor, -15 Stamina

The Glove
The Glove Potions and Relics are picked up without delay.

The Holy Bible-0
The Holy Bible +10 Stamina, Grants Flight.

The Holy Grail +5 all stats and a chance for god to smite your foes!

The Mighty Sushi
The Mighty Sushi +6 Strength, Gives the player a 5% chance to spawn Sushi around him, which explodes when it touches the ground, doing damage to enemies in close proximity. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

The Sausage
The Sausage +100 Stamina.

The Skeleton Key
The Skeleton Key Sets players normal key quantity to 99.

THE SPOON! +10 to All Stats, +10 Movement Speed.

The Sun
The Sun Shoots rays of light on nearby enemies.

Token of Luck
Token of Luck Turns all potions into positive ones.

Triforce +30 Strength, +30 Swiftness, +30 Armor.

Hand of Midas
Hand of Midas Chance to turn enemies into gold coins upon death.

Whip! +35 Swiftness.

Jungle Vial
Jungle Vial Gives poison cloud effect.
Exclusive for The Amazon Jungle Bundle.

Mana Dices
Mana Dices Gives a chance to restore mana on attack.

Active RelicsEdit

These can be activated by pressing "E" key, but can only hold one Active relic. When used, it goes on cooldown for 33 seconds. Time tested by using Book of Belial and Aaron's Staff.

1000 KG Throws around 1000 KG weights, damaging enemies.

Aaron's Staff
Aaron's Staff Restores health, amount healed may vary.

Angel Staff of Apocalypse
Angel Staff of Apocalypse Causes a series of randomly placed explosions in close proximity of the player, that do heavy damage on enemies.

Apple Flings out a massive apple that causes huge damage

1000 AOE damage
Balalayka Plays a balalayka solo and deals massive AOE damage.

Bouncey Throws a big bouncy spike ball in faced direction

Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Bomb Drops a bomb where you stand that explodes in a small cross shape within a certain time or when collided with, doing damage to enemies. The bomb can be moved by hitting it with your weapon

Boomerang Throws a Boomerang that damages all enemies it touches, and then comes back.

Book of Belial Gain double damage for 10 seconds.

Casino Dice
Casino Dice Drops a huge Dice on the spot casted in

Candy Crusher
Candy Crusher Launches candy in a ring around the player that explodes on landing, short range.

Da Box
DaBox Spawns 5 random potions (one use)

Darts Throw darts around in a circle.

Delicious Pie Puts down a pie that lures enemies towards it.

Dislocated Eye
Dislocated Eye Slows all enemies for a short period of time.

Double Scythe
Double Scythe Spawns a spinning double edged scythe on top of player and is thrown when attacking

Dragon head
Dragon's Head Makes the player spit fire into the direction faced

ES Energy +50 Movement Speed +120 Energy

Fortune Card Does a random event on use.

Fly Swatter
Fly Swatter Spawns 1 prop fly. Troll Relic

Holy Water
Holy Water Shields the player from any damage for 6 seconds. Cooldown 33 seconds.

Jar of Flies Spawns a swarm of flies around the player.

Keygen exe
Keygen.exe Stuns and damages enemies on screen for 4 seconds.

Light Cola
Light Cola Makes the player throw up for a few seconds.

Maryo's Pipe Warps the player into a random position in map.

Meat Hook
Meat Hook Spawns a chain that attach to enemy at medium range and pull them towards you. Stuns enemies

Ninja Hook
Ninja Hook Spawns three chains that attach to enemies at medium range and pull them towards you, doing heavy damage. Exlusive for Karp of Doom

Orb of Chaos
Orb of Chaos Deals 300 damage to all enemies on the map. Exclusive for Karp of Doom

Orb of Fire
Orb of Fire Summons a stationary Hydra that will attack enemies with fireballs. Lasts 10(?) seconds. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Orb of Ice
Orb of Ice The player starts radiating small blocks of ice around him for a few seconds, freezing enemies and doing damage to them when they hit the blocks. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Orb of Poison
Orb of Poison Sends out a ring of poison drops around the player, damaging and poisoning enemies. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Rainbow Gate Shoots a powerful rainbow beam in the direction you are facing.

Rocket Barrange
Rocket Barrage Fires 10 homing missiles towards nearest enemy.

Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple Turns all enemies in screen into apples.

Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck Launches a rubber duck that explodes on landing.

Satan's Tooth
Satan's Tooth Ignites all enemies in screen on fire.

Satan's Horn
Satan's Horn Stomps the ground and raises spikes stunning and damaging all enemies around the player.

Shade of Death
Shade of Death Stuns every enemy on the map that's part of a wave. Enemies that spawn from Dens/Nests/Houses stay stunned untill you kill them. Exclusive for Karp of Doom

Shiv Sends out multiple projectiles in the direction you are facing, dealing heavy damage.

Squishy the Suicidal Pig
Squishy the Suicidal Pig Calls for Squishy the Suicidal Pig to do a suicide mission

Stickman Steve
Stickman Steve Sends out a stickman that runs in random directions, killing whatever he comes into contact with.

Sun Flare
Sun Flare Calls down randomly placed suns rays that damage enemies impacted.

Vadira Throws a thunder spear towards point faced.

Winner's Drug
Winner's Drug Gives +150 to a random stat for 10 seconds.

A Wizard's Hat
A Wizard's Hat Restores mana on use.

Zombie's Face
Zombie's Face Slows nearby enemies.

Orbiting RelicsEdit

These are Relics that are visible in game, and will float around you. They will help during the fight, damaging enemies or protecting you from hits.

**Only the Templar Shield blocks projectiles. Demon Sheep, Fetus, Shredder DO NOT BLOCK. The Templar Shield does not block projectiles from traps, only enemies.**

Ankh Revives the player once.

Ancient Rock
Ancient Rock Follows player and shoots gray heavy projectiles.

Carp Head
Karp Head Shoots out a big bullet, doing damage to every enemy it hits. Exclusive for Karp of Doom.

Demon Sheep
Demon Sheep Damages enemies and destroy projectiles it touches. The Demon sheep grants access to the secret sheep level when "Jefre's Subscription" is also held.

F.E.T.U.S. Damages enemies and destroys projectiles it touches.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel Knockbacks every enemy it touches.

Honey Bee Summons an orbiting Honey Bee that throws slowing honey puddles on the ground.

Minisect Shoots projectiles in 4 directions.

Shredder Damages enemies and destroys projectiles it touches.

Shrunken Head
Shrunken Head Shoots poison projectiles, poisoning every enemy it hits.

Skull Bat-0
Skull Bat Shoots 2 normal projectiles as spreadshot, doing minor damage to enemies.

Templar Shield
Templar Shield Blocks bullets and damages nearby enemies.

The Almighty Fedora
The Almighty Fedora Shoots projectiles rapidly

The eye relic
The Eye Shoots dropping red bombs towards nearest enemies.

War Zeppelin
War Zeppelin Automatically shoots homing rockets at nearby enemies with a rate of fire of 20 rpm.

Additional InformationEdit

  • Many relic´s special effects only trigger on direct hit, not by talents
  • Flight - also grant you the ability to ignore Waller affix