Welcome to the Hero Siege wiki, and thank you for contributing. In order to make this wiki thrive we need your input. The community is the most single important part of any wiki and to ensure our wiki stays at a high quality, we ask that you follow a few of our Rules and Policies. These rules and policies are put into place in order to preserve the quality of our wiki. Any persons who do not follow these rules will be banned, permanently in some instances.

Community RulesEdit

  • When posting comments or on forums, please respect every one's opinions or ideas. We will delete any insulting or harmful will be deleted. Also, posts that add no value to any conversation will be deleted, and is considered vandalism.
  • Vandalism on this wiki is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
  • When having a discussion on the wiki, what ever the Admins say goes, regardless of how much you disagree.

Editing and Creating PoliciesEdit

  • Please follow all template usage on wiki pages. For example, the Relics page uses templates heavily. Please keep using them.
  • If you have information that is not on a wiki page, feel free to add it, or if you're not comfortable, leave it in the comments or contact an admin.
  • Use the general wiki style on every page you edit or create.
  • Do not create random pages of things that are on a general page. Relics, for example, do not need their own page. Instead, the general Relics page gives all the details about each relic.