Statues can spawn randomly on a map each time a new instance is created. There are three types of statues: Holy Statues, Devil Statues and Health Shrines. There can be up to three Holy Statues and two Devil Statues on any given map. Statues are activated on contact and can only be activated once per instance.

Holy StatueEdit

Holy Status always grant a small attribute increase or a Relic. Touching a Holy Statue will give you one of the following:
  • +20 Strength
  • +20 Energy
  • +20 Armor
  • +20 Stamina
  • +40 Movement Speed
  • Random Relic

Devil StatueEdit

Devil Statue
Devil Statues grant a larger attribute increase but they can also grant negative attributes as well. For this reason using a Devil Statue is considered gambling. Devil Statues can also give Relics. Touching a Devil Statue will give you one of the following:
  • +/- 40 Strength
  • +/- 40 Energy
  • +/- 40 Armor
  • +/- 40 Stamina
  • +/- 40 Movement Speed
  • Random Relic

Healing ShrineEdit


Touching a Healing Shrine heals your character to full health. Empty Healing Shrines indicate they have been used.