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Trap overview

The world of Hero Siege is full of dangerous and deadly traps.

With v1.4.1.7 some traps damaging the player by a fixed amount of hitpoints (-20% ranged/-15% melee classes) regardless how much damage reduction you have.

Environment TrapsEdit

Environment Traps spawn random over the map. More traps can spawn with new waves.

  • Spike Traps - spikes coming out of the floor
  • Spiked Floor - floor full of small, deadly spikes
  • Cursed Hand - Handstatue with small hands around
  • Exploding Floor - a delayed explosion knock back when you walk over
  • Turret - starts shoting arrows when player is close to the turret
  • Guillotine - a blade moves up and down in a fixed pattern
  • Bouncing Ball - Big ball the hover in the air an smashes back to the ground
  • Daemon Head - Cast a small sphere in an arc towards the player position. When the sphere hit the ground it split into a nova of multiple spheres. Direct hit before it split deal heavy damage.
  • Big Daemon head - like Daemon head but cast 2 small spheres
  • Spiked Block - moves over the map on random path
  • Spiked Ball - moves over the map on random path
  • Ice Twister - moves over the map on random path
  • Small Flame Tower - rotating small fireburst
  • Flame Tower - Fireburst in one of 4 directions
  • Canon - random shoot a cannonball in one of 4 directions
  • Patch of blood/poison - deals AoE damage when you walk over it
  • Arrow Walltrap - start shooting arrows when you are close to it
  • Walking Statue - walks on a fixed path and deal damage when player touchs it
  • Sausage Volcano - random event
  • Poison Rain - random event

Traps cast by MonstersEdit

Champions and Bosses can cast spells or leave a last wish when you kill them to claim your hitpoints

  • Poison Blow - on kill a poison orb pop into the air, split in a ring of more orbs. deal heavy damage on direct hit
  • Fiery - cast a carpet of fire in front of the enemie wich deal AoE damage
  • Laser Beam - cast lasers around the enemy to prevent player to attack him
  • Waller - Deal no damage but blocking the player