Skills and skill tree Edit

Viking skill tree

Shield Bearer: Edit

Skill 1: Recovery

Skill 1
The seemingly endless stamina of the Shield Bearer give him a chance to be able to shield bash again without any recovery time.

Proc Chance: 17%

Skill 2: Shield Bash

Skill 2
Slam a nearby enemy with your shield, damaging them and leaving them stunned.

Stun Duration: 2 seconds | Synergy: Armor

Skill 3: Charge

Skill 3
Charge forwards till you hit an obstacle or an enemy damaging and leaving them stunned.

Stun Duration: 4 seconds | Synergy: Strength

Skill 4: Odin's Fury

Skill 4
Release a fearsome warcry, which is powerful enough to knock back enemies and taunt them afterwards.

Taunt: 5 seconds | Synergy: Strength

Skill 5: Stoneskin

Skill 5
On attack the Shield Bearer's skin has a chance to adapt the properties of his shield, gaining increased armor.
Proc Chance: 20%

Skill 6: Warbringer

Skill 6
Increases Odin's Fury AOE and gives allies attack speed for each taunted enemy in radius.

Passive: Attack speed 1%

Skill 7: Shield Wall

Skill 7
The overwhelming amount of experience with shield makes the Shield Bearer able to use it to its full potential, thus increasing the block chance and armor.

Passive: Armor & Block Chance 1%

Skill 8: Defensive Tactics

Skill 8
Increases physical damage by a % of every 1000 armor the Shield Bearer has.

Skill 9: Futile Aggression

Skill 9
Temporarily enter a rage and throw down your weapon, removing the cooldown and mana cost from shield bash. (cannot attack during the rage).

Base Percentage: 5%

Berserker: Edit

Skill 1: Seismic Slam

Skill 10
The Berserker slams down his weapon, stunning and damaging enemies in his way.

Stun Duration: 2 seconds | Synergy: Strength

Skill 2: Zeal

Skill 11
Gives the Berserker's attacks a chance to do 2 quick strikes.

Proc Chance: 5%

Skill 3: Pummel

Skill 12
Your attacks can leave the enemies crippled, dealing more damage and slowing them, whilst you bloodlust increases movement speed and attack speed.

Proc Chance: 27%                         

Skill 4: Throw!

Skill 13
The Berserker picks up the nearest enemy and throws it dealing AOE damage based on the life of the thrown enemy.
Synergy: Strength

Skill 5: Weapon Master

Skill 14
The Berserker's expertise in the weapon arts grants him a weapon dependent buff. 2-handed weapons give a bonus % of damage to abilities, while dual wielding grants attack speed.

Base Percentage: 5%

Skill 6: Whirlwind

Skill 15
Whirl your weapons around in a frenzy like state. Each hit can proc other passive effects. Hits more often the more attack speed you have.

Duration: 3 seconds | Synergy: Strength

Skill 7: Berserk

Skill 16
Filled with bloodlust, the Berserker seeks the blood of his enemies through more brutal ways, increasing his damage.

Base Percentage: 5%

Skill 8: Ymir's Champion

Skill 17
Ymir lays his hands on the Berserker, infusing him with pure ice. Your attacks and abilities now deal bonus cold damage and cause a slow.

Base Percentage: 10%

Skill 9: Shockwave

Skill 18
The Berserker channels all his strength into a powerful smash creating a massive shockwave in front of him, damaging and stunning enemies in its path.

Stun Duration: 2 seconds | Synergy: Strength

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